I die for this outfit on a man! So classic and chic. Also helps that my friend Steven happens to be extremely good-looking. Show this to your husband, boyfriend, friend, brother, dad, uncle, nephew, grandson, or cousin and see what he thinks….

There are a couple reasons why this outfit looks expensive (even though it’s not):

1. Rolling up the bottom of the khakis. If the khakis had been left long they would risk looking old-fashioned and too formal for this look.
2. Ironing the oxford shirt. Don’t underestimate the power of a crisp shirt. A good ironing makes things look a lot more expensive.
3. Unbuttoning the shirt. This adds some extra slickness to an already cool ensemble
4. Accessorizing with a scarf. I know some guys are afraid of the verb “accessorize” but if you want to look chic, it’s essential, even for guys! The scarf adds that sophistication without making a huge statement. It’s very subtle and yet it ties the whole outfit together.

Shop it Online:

Oxford Shirt
Khaki Pants
Slip-On Sneakers (similar but not exact)

Photos: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. Very chic! I might add to your reasons of looking expensive/chic is to go for variation of the same color from head to toe. What do you think, Miss Pennychic?

    by momsic Reply
  2. woo woo! Hot stuff. Very nice. Perfect setting for the photo too. Well done and I love your explanation of the outfit. And you never see any crisp ironed shirts anymore! I love that you recommend it. It really does make a difference.

    by Tammy Reply
  3. Oooh La La! You really captured the essence of beachy, boating, high society nicely. The shoes remind me of Jack Purcell loafers. Has that whole Matchpoint thing going for it too :-) Good looking model!

    by Anonymous Reply
  4. Very nice! (….and the outfit ain’t half bad either) Nice to see the men’s side of Walmart. Love your site :)

    by Yvonne Reply
  5. Amazing outfit, very classic/cool/sexy. Looks like a professional model!

    by Dani Reply
  6. Just found your site…love it!!! His outfit would certainly turn my head. He looks like a J. Crew ad at a fraction of the price!!!

    by Tonia Reply