I am so thrilled and excited to present a second guest blogger post this week, debuting my dear friend Dianna Baros of, one of the first budget-driven fashion blogs (started in 2007) to talk affordable fashion in a setting that’s conversational, savvy, “in the know”, and most of all fun! Dianna is famous for her “Dress by Numbers” collages that started out as a once a week post and now have become a daily staple.  This is a girl who lives and breathes for her readers. I’ve learned a lot from her as a mentor and I hope you will learn even more from her informative and fab blog!

The outfit Dianna is wearing is a great example of how bright colors can be incorporated into your Winter wardrobe. This Old Navy hooded coat could easily be found in a dark color, but why not go all the way in highlighter yellow? The faux wool coat can be paired with neutral browns and other dark colors without doing much else. Dianna is wearing a polka dot green cardigan underneath to highlight the yellow and frame it against her skin even more. That’s a great way to create some contrast, but you can also just throw on the jacket over your normal Winter staples and be automatically chic-ified without adding extra color with it. But don’t forget to add some form of accessory to the look! Whether it’s hoop earrings or bangles like we did here or a statement ring, wear a piece of casual costume jewelry to tie the look together and make it stand out from just another rainy day look.


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