This is one of those amazing instances where every single thing in the outfit is on sale…and significantly so! The Kirna Zabete silk button down is now $10 when originally it was $29.99! I’m sorry but that’s a killer deal. The leopard skirt is marked down to $18.88 from $26.99 and the booties are marked down to $29.99 from $79.99! If you’re not finding sales online, you need to look harder. They are EVERYWHERE. You may not be getting new inventory, but honestly who cares! The pieces in this outfit totally work for this season.

This is Grasie Mercedes’ last guest post on Penny Chic. She concocted a super expensive looking outfit (although clearly it’s not), hence the title name: Regal Chic. Grasie also carries herself really well. She posed in all the outfits with her head up high and lots of confidence. That’s half the battle for making things look ultra chic and expensive! What’s your trick? Any suggestions?


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