Guess where I came across this fun top? It’s from the lingerie department at Walmart. It’s actually a longer chemise but we tucked the bottom under so it could be shorter and pass for a Dolce & Gabbana corseted top. You could cut it if you wanted to but we found that it stayed tucked this way. This whole outfit makes me crave a girls night out. Haven’t had one in so long! I have a couple things planned with the girls for my first weekend back in the states though… Beyonce, wine, and a dancing dress may be involved haha.

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Floral Chemise
Skinny Jeans

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller

Model: Robin Paul


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  1. Wonderful combo and a great idea to leave the chemise a little longer to tuck…no more tubby little muffin tops sticking out when you sit down or dance and move your arms above your head, hahaha. Beautiful colours too.

    by Liana Reply