Hi Pennies! It’s Jenna and I’m Shauna’s BFF of over 6 years. She’s asked me to do a guest blog post since, well it’s me in the picture! If you want the truth, I met Shauna way back when I was over-accessorizing and she was wearing 6 inch heels during our mandatory NYU Orientation week. Thankfully, as our bond has grown I’ve taken off a few (thousand) necklaces and she’s become my go-to style guru. A little about me: I’m a born and raised New Yorker (whut whut!!) and am currently a music blogger for MTV. (Follow me on twitter for music suggestions!).

I happen to love this outfit. I think it it’s a flattering cut and actually helps to accentuate my waist. The skirt’s a great length and shows just enough leg to be sexy without going overboard. If I added a black blazer, I could even see myself wearing this ensemble to the office and then out to a music show in NYC. Um, hello day-to-night outfit! I also really love leopard everything so that’s a big plus for me too. I’m so proud of Shauna and this blog and I really hope all you Pennies enjoy today’s outfit! In fact, I think I’m gonna wear it out to dinner with Shauna tonight! xo

Shop it Online:
Pencil Skirt by Miss Tina at Walmart. $11.
Leopard Top by No Boundaries at Walmart. $9.88
Black Pumps by GLO at Kmart. $19.99
Gold Hoops by Sofia Vergara at Kmart. $8.99
Rhinestone Bangles from Walmart. $5

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Jenna


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  1. Hi Jenna! LOVE the outfit, it’s such a great day to night outfit! Can you give us the link to your blog at MTV for those of us who are interested in following you?

    by Ashley Reply
  2. Hi Jenna! Not only am I loving this outfit on you but I love your guest post too! Everything you stated is completely correct. The outfit you’re wearing is extremely flattering on you and makes a great day to night outfit. I say you wear a leather motor cycle style jacket for night time to give it a rocker edge. The “Detroiter” in me loves a rocker’s edge to everything – LOL. We have an amazing music scene here in MI so you should check out too for your MTV blog. Enjoy your weekend.

    by Jen from MI Reply
  3. I think this outfit is very cute, especially for a night out with my husband. However–and please don’t think I’m a frump or super conservative because I’m 23 and follow this blog religiously to get great ideas that are affordable for my husband’s military salary–this outfit is in no way appropriate for an office setting. Please do not encourage women to wear tight and short clothes to an office, even with a blazer. I work at a university in a Career Services office and see girls all the time who cannot get jobs because they show up to interviews wearing ensembles such as these. General rule of thumb, if you’re wearing it to look sexy on a date night, it’s not professional for the office.

    by Dana Reply
  4. Hi Dana! It’s Jenna. Thanks so much for your comments. I absolutely appreciate your point of view, and agree, it’s never a great idea to wear a tight outfit in a corportate environment! In the spirit of clarity though, I’d like to point out that the dress code for the music industry is very laid back and an outfit like the one I’m wearing (plus a blazer), while definitely on the more revealing side, wouldn’t necessarily be inappropriate. Good luck and hope you find many fun outfits on the site!

    by Jenna Reply
  5. Kudos to you and the MTV blog! I love the leopard prints and well and think this outfit really complements your great figure!

    by Anonymous Reply
  6. No offense Dana, but this outfit is completely appropriate for almost any corporate workplace. My office is much more casual than this, so I think it would look out of place, but it is DEFINITELY NOT too short or tight for an office and I have tons of friends who wear this kind of outfit to work (consulting, ibanking, finance, etc.). Rock on Jenna, I think this outfit is totally fine for going out AND work!

    by Harper Reply