In real life, Chuva is the daughter of a superstar LA fireman. In order to convey this fact, we drove down to my nearest fire station (what’s up No.19!?!?) to do the shoot. Upon entrance to the garage, we met a very sexy Australian fireman (shocker!) with sun-kissed long hair and veiny arms (not that I was looking or anything). He watched and smiled as I took pics of the very fiery Chuva against his firetruck. We never told him what the hell we were doing, but neither did he ask. Maybe I’ll send him the pic as a little keepsake.

This is the same Kamali dress in Red” target=”_blank”>Kamali Dress in red that I modeled 5 different ways in Vacay Chic a couple of weeks ago. I was just in NYC for fashion week and wore the black version of this dress to the Jenny Packham show and got a compliment from the person sitting next to me! On to the shoes…I’ve been wanting to style these sandals in an outfit for a long time, but it never worked on any of my models. It cuts the leg right above the ankle which can be very unflattering, unless you’re like Chuva and have long and lean legs! Other than that, I adore the color and the 2 oversized buttons on the top. Doesn’t it look fabulous with the dress? I am a heels fanatic trust me, but sometimes flats can be just as sexy with a dress on the right person. I repeat: “right person.”


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  1. wow shoes! So pumped to have some good foot-ware to play with… it’s like walmart knew…

    by JGryffindor Reply