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#1 Chain necklace, H&M, $9.95 (similar item)

#2 Studded button down, Jordache (Walmart), $9

#3 Side-tie dress, Walmart, $14.88

#4 Rhinestone necklace, H&M, $7 (not available online)

#5 Floral kimono, Wet Seal, $22.90

#6  Tie dye jumpsuit, Wet Seal, $20.93

#7 Floral crop top, Wet Seal, $17.99




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  1. I love the kimono. I have some actual kimonos, because I’m obsessed. I’m always looking for little cover-ups like that. I have something similar from Fossil, more of a haori though. I might check this one out!

    by Cathleen Reply
    • Glad you’re with me on the kimono front! People seem to think it’s strange but i think they’re a super chic way to cover up :)

      by smiller Reply
  2. Great finds, Shauna! Thanks for sharing. Especially love the dress and the crop top. Have a great weekend.

    by Danielle Reply
  3. That sweater is so cute on you. I’m loving the kimono trend. I used to wear thrifted Chinese kimonos as tops! Just bought a similar black floral one at Marshall’s with bell sleeves and fringe. Very Stevie Nicks.

    by erica Reply
    • Nice!! Yeah i think we’re the only two that like the trend lol. Seem like everyone else is anti.

      by smiller Reply