Meet Brittnie, our newest muse! I love this outfit on her. It SCREAMS Fall and there’s nothing like a chic pea-coat and pair of boots in the Fall. Add that to the list of the many things I miss about the east coast…

The hat and coat are both faux wool and the boots are faux leather. How do you feel about faux materials? Is it the same thing or is it worth getting the real thing even if it’s more expensive?

By the way, the boots are EXTREMELY comfortable and they fit over a real girl’s calves! I have trouble finding boots that fit my calves comfortably and these did!!

Shop it Online:
Leggings (similar but not exact)
Biker Boots

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Brittnie Adams


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  1. I love those boots!

    I don’t know how I feel about faux wool. I don’t know much about it, but I like wool bc it keeps me warm (same with fur.) If faux wool warms as much as regular wool, I’d rock it!

    I have some hats with faux fur and it’s not warm at all, but I’d probably wea a faux fur vest just because I like the look.

    by Jess Reply
  2. Total look is a knockout! Great styling. The hat is ok in a well made faux wool/fur felt but the boots are only leather in my book :) Stella McCartney probably hates me… lol. It is healthier for your feet to breathe and plastics & other petroleum derivatives don’t work that way.

    by Liana Reply
  3. On the faux wool / leather question, it depends on if the item is a trendy pop to my wardrobe or a staple. If it’s a staple that I expect to wear for years, I’d spring for the real deal and make sure the quality it there. But, if I think a magenta pea coat with bright green biker boots would liven up my browns and grays, I’d go for the less expensive faux.

    by Ginny Reply