One word for this outfit…. Adorable. I think that just about covers every sentiment that comes to mind. When you look at all of the components of this outfit on the rack, you would never think they go together. The dress is actually from the Walmart summer collection, but you’ll see them still in stores now. The jacket is one of my favorite jackets from Walmart. That said, It wouldn’t have worked with the outfit if the belt wasn’t tied at the waist. It makes the whole outfit complete.

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Denim Flats

Model: Elizabeth Kott
Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. Adorable – agreed! For those of us without much imagination (which is why this site is so great!), maybe having a pictue without the belt would show just what you mean by the belt really making the outfit. Love the website!

    by cynthia Reply
  2. What a beautiful, classic belt! Nice snake print. Looks pricey and totally makes the outfit. Buy one large enough to thread through your hipster rise jeans and it will fold-tie around your waist just like shown…double duty!

    by Liana Reply
  3. Cynthia–Thanks for the compliments! I’m honored to hear that the site gives you some inspiration! Couldn’t ask for more from a reader…

    by shauna Reply
  4. This outfit is so ME. I’m getting that jacket today. Expect to see a post from me rocking that Susie Rose jacket. I’m all over this one 😉

    by Budget Chic Reply