Fall is the best season to show off your styling skills because of all the layering you can incorporate. Today’s look was styled using pieces I found at Ross during a recent fall shopping trip. Instead of having to go to different stores to pull together an original look, I was able to do gather all my fall pieces in one place. The inventory at Ross satisfied everything from my basic must-haves –like these booties– to statement bottoms—like this floral pencil skirt, which I’ll be wearing to a TON of meetings this fall.

















As always, check out Ross’ Secrets of a Bargain Hunter page to get more fall tips from bloggers like myself.

Let me know what you think of my outfit from Ross below in the comments!

Outfit Credits (available at Ross Dress For Less): Printed Pencil Skirt $11.99; Fringe Handbag $15.99; Military Jacket $17.99; Grey Turtleneck $15.99; Booties $19.99

{Disclosure: I’m a “Ross Bargain Hunter” and was compensated for this post!}


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  1. I am not trying to be painfully honest, but I can’t believe that I am on he only person out there that she looks like she just took a few random artices of clothing that she picked up at her local thrify/a.k.a.”vintage shop” and threw them together! this looks like a fashion statement gone horribly wrong that will be showin in next weeks article of the “best and the worst”, and definitely the latter. some things just aren’t meant to go thogether….period.

    by Donna Reply
    • Haha you did give me a good laugh… everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I have to trust the other comments on here that represent a more positive reflection :)

      by smiller Reply
    • I agree. The items separate are cool and interesting, but together it is not working for me. I am sold on going to Ross though. So her point was still made. I hate the purse though.

      by Tash Reply
  2. Super cute! You pull fringe off very well. I love how you put this outfit together head-to-toe for such an amazing budget!

    by Jen Reply