Michelle, my cousin and today’s model, graces the blog with her beautiful face and figure. Over the course of the past couple years, Michelle has lost over 100 lbs and I am so incredibly proud of her!! Doesn’t she look great? There’s no greater feeling than being confident with your body and being able to wear things that truly represent your personal style, instead of just covering it. So pleased with the way this outfit came out!

Some of you may be on the road to weight loss or have already reached your goal and will have to start buying new clothes that fit your new form. There’s no better time to be frugal then when shopping for a brand new wardrobe.

Shop the Look
Jaclyn Smith Leather Skirt $26.74 on sale! (Kmart)
Apostrophe Sequin Blouse $17.99 (Sears)
Hoop Earrings $4.88 (Walmart)
Mossimo Booties $10.48 in store $34.99 online (Target)

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Michelle Miller


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  1. Good for her!!! Michelle looks great! I started losing a few extra pounds a couple of months ago and now my pants are starting to fall off. Just by changing food, but I’ve been trying to walk more too. And now, I’m at the stage you mention above, where I’m looking for different clothes. It’s a nice feeling for sure! Love this outfit.

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. I LOVE this!!! This is totally something that I would wear to work. Please do more edgy professional outfits.

    by Kailey Reply
  3. She makes the outfit look hot!! BRAVO Sweeety!! You are a life inspiration. Love the outfit!

    by salmeen Reply