What does tie dye have to do with stripes? Nothing and sometimes that’s a good thing. I love mixing different prints, especially when one of them is stripes. Stripes do really well when they’re matched with a different design or solid color. Liberate yourself from outfits that make sense ALL the time. If you take risks and own your decisions, you’ll look more stylish than anyone else in the room.

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Ribbed Tank Set

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller

Model: Andrea Mazey


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  1. I’ve seen a lot of pattern mixing lately, but this is one of the best, definitely. Go Wal-mart!

    by Mel Reply
  2. I agree with NSC that the earrings really make this outfit pop. But I’m not a fan of how the black & white stripes are visible underneath the skirt.

    by Jennifer S Reply
  3. Jennifer S, I thought the stripes were visible under the skirt at first too, but upon a closer inspection I think it’s just the texture of the skirt

    by Erin Reply
    • Yes it’s a little mix of both LOL. The skirt has ridges at the top that make it look like stripes but if you look close enough with a magnifying glass, you can see the stripe print a little under the skirt.

      by shauna Reply
  4. YES I was JUST talking about how I love making dresses into skirts, and then I see it on here! Love it! I never would have thought to mix those patterns, but it works. I agree with NSC, big earrings are SO underrated! Those are awesome.

    by atembe Reply
  5. Love, love, luv this. I did not see this skirt but you better believe I will be on the hunt for it. Great mix of patterns. She looks amazing!

    by budget chic Reply