Yesterday was the fashion show event at Walmart in Washington and it was a total success! Thanks to my new Mt. Vernon readers who were able to come and meet me. All the models looked amazing in their outfits. Don’t worry–I’ll be posting them one at a time on the blog so you can see the fabulousness. All in all, it was such an honor to be there and show real people on the ground level how to look great without spending a lot. My mom and I made lots of new friends, namely the assistant manager, Dan De Vries, who got me there in the first place (thanks Dan!). Stay tuned for more photos and videos…

This dress by Just My Size has a great color scheme going on. Reminds of Missoni a bit. The jewelry, along with the thick black belt, help frame the colors and give the outfit more style.

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Nicole Delaney

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Patent Flats


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  1. I love that dress! I haven’t seen it in my local WM, but I’ll keep my eyes open on my next trip. Did the belt come with it? The length is great too since I hate finding a great dress only to have it hit too high up on my thighs.

    by Jennifer S Reply
  2. I LOVE that belt! I actually bought it to go with a dress my mom gave me last month. Favorite new accessory!

    by Hannah Reply
  3. Jennifer no the belt unfortunately doesn’t come with the dress. I’ve been to a coule stores though I’ve seen thisndress so keepbyourbeyes peeled!

    Hannah– yes it’s a great thick belt which is so useful to have!

    by shauna Reply
  4. Yes Ms. Budget Chic, I could totally see you rockin that belt like you always do with a skirt and top!

    by shauna Reply
  5. I love this pattern. I have it in a Just My Size top and it goes with everything. I went to visit a friend in the hospital and a total stranger said she had watched me cross the street and loved the top. When I told her it was from Walmart her mouth fell open. She thought it was some high-end piece.

    by annebeth Reply