Did anyone do any of the above over the weekend? This was probably the first weekend in a long time that I didn’t step foot in a department store…how refreshing! For those of you who are curious, I usually go to one of the big box stores every week (sometimes every other week) and I buy bags and bags of stuff that call out to me. I take everything home, organize them on racks, and style the clothes on my models for the blog. I return about 80% of what I buy. I keep what I can’t live without, gift some things to my models and the rest goes bye bye. My credit card company thinks I’m insane!

Sharon, as you may remember, is a reader who volunteered to model on the blog. She helped me style this outfit and said the look really represented her personal style #musictomyears. I love how the bright pink ruffle top picks up the pink specks in the shorts. Would you wear a bright color like this?

Shop the Look:
Apostrophe Ruffle Blouse $17.99 (Sears)
Apostrophe Black Cardigan $14.99 (Sears)
UK Style by French Connection Shorts $17.99 (Sears)
Gold bangles $5.48 (Walmart)
Booties–can’t find the info on these shoes but they’re from Sears!

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Sharon


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  1. I like the outfit and how everything comes together nicely however the length of the shorts doesn’t look right. Perhaps if they were longer and worn with heels I’d prefer it more. Not sure though. Regardless, cute outfit overall.

    by Jen from MI Reply
  2. Hi Shauna – so that’s how you do it! I’ve always wondered if you kept everything that you buy, esp since the stores dont reimburse you for it. BTW, are those cut-out booties? Cute! If ever you need another model, let me know 😉

    by Lil Reply
  3. This is great. It screams summer to me and makes me all around happy. And I would definitely wear these colors.

    by Jordan Reply
  4. I think this is a cute outfit while I don’t love the shoes with this but still pretty!!

    by Keisha Reply