Meet our newest model, Sarah, who WERKED it as a newbie during our photo shoot the other day! Sarah is only 15, but has such confidence, grace, and maturity, which was such a pleasant thing to be around! It doesn’t take much to see it….just look at her photos.

As for the outfit, I’ve been wanting to use these bright pink converse for a while now and was so delighted when I saw how fabulous they looked on Sarah! She is definitely rockin these cool kicks! You don’t need to do much when you have such a bright color at your feet which is why we kept the rest of the outfit relatively tame, well at least tame for my standards! How do you feel about BRIGHT neon sneakers? Are you bold enough to go there?


Shop the Look

Mossimo Skinny Denim $24.99 (Target)
UK Style Sleeveless Blouse $17.99 (Sears)
Bongo Green and Orange Multi Bead Bracelets $10.99 each set (Kmart)
Kardashian Kollection Gold Cuff Bracelet $16.38 (Sears)
Converse Neon Sneakers $27.28 (Target)
Kardashian Kollection Marcasite Necklace $18.20 (Sears)


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  1. I love the neon sneakers!! I wear bright pink sneaks all the time and swap them out for blue :) They are awesome !!!

    by Ashley Reply