For those of you who don’t know, color blocking is when you wear blocks of solid colors together in an outfit. Here we have silver, blue, pink, and then silver again. The more I think about it, Penny Chic’s whole aesthetic is based on the rules of color blocking, no? The great thing about this trend is that it’s very easy to do on a budget. It doesn’t matter what store you’re in (cheap or expensive) there are bound to be some solid color pieces, whether it’s a blue t-shirt or a pink tube skirt. Put them together and voila’, you’re following a runway trend. I’ve worn this top before with a different skirt (SEE: Modern Woman Chic). That outfit had more of a tribal feel to it whereas this one is about COLOR and only color. The shoes are not my favorite, but my options were very limited. Is it just me or does Walmart really need to step up their shoe game (no pun intended).

p.s. My lovely sister is the model today and I’d just like to point out that she is not wearing ANY makeup whatsoever. After having stayed in to work all weekend long without sleep, I asked my poor sister to pose for just one photo. I wish I looked that good with no sleep and no makeup. Thanks for being such a trooper. Love you!

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Ruffle Cami


Thong Sandles (similar but not exact)

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. Who needs makeup when you look as pretty as your sister does?! This outfit is great! Thanks for remixing some of the older pieces. It inspires me to rethink several of Walmart items I have and reuse them for different outfits to extend my wardrobe.

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. Right on trend!! Your sister looks lovely. Fun top and the color on my skirt is so brilliant, its actually one of my favorite colors.

    by BUDGET CHIC Reply
  3. yall have such a beautiful family!! your sister looks younger without makeup i am sure soo many women would kill for that :) love the color blocking, reminds me of cotton candy…

    ps i really appreciate your fashion advice, comes in handy very often 😀

    by hippiestephi Reply