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  1. would’ve loved to have seen a photo of this dress from the back! is the entire back lace or is there a solid underlay?

    by Mia Reply
  2. Im wearing those exact flats today! :) Bought them for $5 in a WallMart in McAllen back in july…i love them!

    by Ces Heredia Reply
  3. Yeah, I would love to see the back of the dress too! Also, do you have a link to it?


    by Harper Reply
  4. The dress is sold out online unfortunately. But to answer your questions, it’s all lace in the back. Tres sexy!

    by shauna Reply
  5. I can tell you all this dress is the bees knees!! You can dress it up or down! It is a fabulous LBD for a little money! I love this dress and I loved modeling it!

    by Didi L Reply