If you work in a casual setting, this is a great example of how to combine looking professional yet chic at the same time. These are my favorite jeans EVER, because they’re flattering and the wash makes them look a little more sophisticated than regular jeans. Leave it to Sofia Vergara to know how to design denim for a real girl’s bod. Did anyone see her wardrobe malfunction by the way? Check it out here. Anywho…moving on… ¬†When it comes to bell bottom jeans, you have to go for tall shoes, preferably platforms to really give you that height you need to slenderize your figure. I feel most comfortable wearing a top that’s a little longer to cover up the hip area. Love the long tie on the Kardashian Kollection blouse. It takes the place of needing jewelry because it accomplishes the same thing!


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  1. I have those sofia jeans. They are awesome. They are very flattering to my shape (small waist and full behind). It’s very hard for me to find jeans.

    by miss diva Reply