Meet Samantha, one of my newest and most darling models, who came to the Penny Chic headquarters with her two sisters to do a whole joint photo shoot. You’ll see them all together in a post within the next week, but here’s a little preview of the youngest sis workin it in Walmart garb.

I love the simplicity and feng shui of this outfit. Every time I see this crystal ball necklace, I’m more and more convinced that it has special powers!

Shop it Online:

Denim Dress (here’s the dress version of the tank which is available online)
Embellished Sandals

Photos: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. I’ve been eyeing white pants… Guess I must venture out and get these bad boys!

    by Chelsea Alise Reply
  2. I could definitely see myself wearing this and being totally comfortable. Cool top with necklace!

    by Anonymous Reply
  3. Wow ! love this look. Samantha is very pretty. will definitely pick up that crystal necklace.

    by jasmine Reply