Jean-on-jean is commonly considered to be a major fashion faux pas, but if you do it right, it can be undeniably cool. This particular jean-on-jean ensemble works because of three things:

1. The two denim washes are completely different so there’s some contrast
2. Both denim pieces have that “boyfriend” look because they are in larger sizes which makes it easier to pull off
3. The bold red lips break up the blue color and help frame the outfit

What do you guys have to say about jean-on-jean?

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Amanda Joy Chanen


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  1. hmm – it still doesnt look cool. i think if the jean was darker wash or a different colored denim it will work.

    by Lil Reply
  2. i think you should stick with one boyfriend-style piece in an outfit. it kind of all looks too big. i think she would look cuter if she was wearing the big top with jeans that fit better.

    by tatiana Reply
  3. I like both pieces, but I’m not sure if I like them together.

    P.S. My boyfriend totally LOL’d for a full 3 minutes after he saw the title of this post.

    by Brianna Reply
  4. Looks like she just came in from a day on the farm to me, but her attitude makes it look cute.

    by Kristina Reply
  5. I LOVE this outfit!! I would never think to pair these two items together, but though they are “boyfriend-ish” i think there is something very sexy and cute about it. especially with the red glasses – great touch!!

    by Alexandra Reply
  6. I have been following PC since you were doing all of your own modeling, and though I wouldn’t necessarily wear a lot of your outfits, it was due to personal taste and what I feel looks right on me. You have really put together some amazing looks and often I wished I had the confidence or the figure to wear them! However…

    I have never seen a major mis-step from you until now. This is not one of your best efforts. The denim colors are far too similar and have a mono-chromatic effect. The large sizes do not, in fact, look “boyfriend-ish”, they just look shapeless (why the focus on boyfriends lately? can’t a girl get dressed by herself?). The Sally-Jesse-Rafael glasses and the red lipstick? Dated and clownish.

    by RPM Reply
    • Wow a lot of strong feelings on this outfit. I love it! We all obviously have different styles and I can only post about what I personally like with the hopes that you guys might agree, but that won’t always be the case and frankly it shouldn’t be!

      Just to clarify, “boyfriend” attire simply means that the clothes are oversized. It in no way means you have to wear your actual boyfriend’s clothes…

      by shauna Reply
  7. i agree that this is not a look for everyone, but there is a version of this outfit that never goes out of style therefore it is never dated. Denim is forever and the way to change it up a little is in the accessories and red goes amazing with these colors. also, to address the “boyfriend” of it all – it’s just a term coined for something a little oversized in a sexy way – i am single and i wear this style sometimes because it makes me feel good, not because i am dressing for a boyfriend.

    by Alexandra Reply
  8. Hahaha, I see you’ve read the latest Elle Canada magazine. Big trend here with local designer (whose name escapes me at this moment – sorry) is the “Canadian Denim Tux”, ie: both major pieces in denim. He does stress that they must be quite different in tone/colour. Maybe a slimfit white denim shirt would be fab here. She does look comfortable and a fun gal to have breakfast with! :D I wear top and bottom denim often but it’s usually black skinny denim pants and a faded jean shirt (boyfriend style). Then again, I AM CANADIAN!

    by Liana Reply
  9. As a petite woman, I personally love the boyfriend style. Not everything has to be fitted to be sexy, and the movement away from skin-tight clothing is refreshing! I wouldn’t necessarily wear the two pieces together, but a chambray/jean shirt with colored jeggings (white, black, even red!) can look super chic.

    I also love the styling, red lips and glasses are too cute and totally fit the feel of the photo.

    by Stephanie Reply
  10. I personally enjoy a good “Canadian Tuxedo” and think Shauna and Amanda nailed this lewk. Ow ow! It makes me want to wear denim on denim, wear glasses and eat cereal– all at the same time! Bravo, ladies.

    by Alyce Reply
  11. The Candian Tux rocks!! I love the paint spatters and the red lips and glasses, nice contrast! I love this look, it’s very CuteCasual!

    by Didi L Reply