“Billy Jean is not my lover….she’s just a girl who claims that I am the one”–

…get it? Stupid name…yes no? I’m running out of titles here guys! Ok, enough MJ.

This is a pretty outfit for the gal who likes to keep it casual and comfortable. Cheers to you!

Shop it Online:
Floral Top
Denim Flats (similar but not exact shoes)



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  1. I see a pattern here. Anytime you have a hot skinny chic with short or sexy clothing on the readers complain. .

    by Dan Reply
  2. I have this hat and it is great for those bad hair days, when you just have to run out but don’t want to deal with the hairdo. I flip the front brim up & sometimes pin a broach on it to add a little extra “drama”. This hat also come in grey & burgandy.

    by annebeth Reply
  3. Both this model and the last are very pretty! Funny nod to MJ and the hat..ha ha :-) This is “casual Friday” for some that work in offices, so I can see jeans and the rest being perfect for that. (love the flats)

    by Anonymous Reply
  4. Your site makes me think I could make hats work, but I’m too scared to try. I guess for $10 it’s worth a shot, right? But what about at work and at restaurants and in someone’s house? Does the hat stay on? Is that weird?

    by Emily Reply
  5. @Dan–I think my readers are just practical about what works and what doesn’t work which I actually like. Thanks for protecting my model Rachel though. Brittnie looks great in this one too!

    @Annebeth–Yea…gotta love those bad hair days. Cute idea with the broach!

    @Anonymous–Yes the two models are beautiful inside and out :)

    @Emily–Yes the hat stays on pretty well actually. I wouldn’t wear it to work. i think you could wear it out and about shopping or at a restaurant or whatever you do non-work related. You can wear this hat at night too. I see people doing it all the time in LA even though the sun goes down. You can pull it off girl!! Try it out!!

    by shauna Reply