If I had to pick one blogger’s style to emulate it would certainly be ms. Beth Jones from B. Jones Style. She, to me, represents everything amazing about fashion and blogging. She’s bold, adventurous, unique…she owns it! I was so excited when Beth came to the HQ to do her very first Penny Chic shoot. This outfit has B. Jones written all over it. From the print, to the fun shoes, to the unexpected studded bag. It all works somehow and it’s mostly because Beth has that amazing gift of “owning” what she wears. This girl could have a potato sac on and it would look like the next best fad. Oh and did I mention she just became a mom about 10 months ago. Her blog B. Jones Style includes fashion inspiration, outfits, videos, and lots of health and fitness tips. It’s one of my faves!


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  1. I read B Jones Style almost every day! LOVE when my favorite bloggers get together. Such a small world!!

    by Claire Reply