Walmart’s trendy plus-size label, JMS (Just My Size), is offering a giveaway to Penny readers for their new belt collection now available at select Walmart stores across the country!

Now you all know how I feel about belts… they’re the ultimate asset to any outfit, which is why I’m so excited about this giveaway. Sometimes it’s hard to find stylish belts that work for a curvy frame. JMS has managed to combine both. These belts are available in sizes 1X-4X. If you’re interested in winning one of the four styles, post a photo of yourself on the Penny Chic Facebook Fan Page with a description of your personal style and we’ll pick 4 of our favorites as the winners.

JMS recently posted this video which argues that belts are in fact great for plus-size women. What are your thoughts? Comments below.


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  1. Wonderful!! I happen to be both plus size and love free clothes. lol I will get right on it!

    I’m pro-belts on curvy women. It’s quite clear on my blog my love for them as well. I think they totally complete/transform an outfit that could be completely casual and make it unique. Anybody who says otherwise should invest in a belt and have their life changed. 😉

    by Hannah Reply
  2. Hannah definitely post a pic to the facebook fan page! I can guarantee you’ll be the first to win one :)

    by shauna Reply
  3. I love keeping up with fashion , And being a plus size female its hard to find things that make you look and feel sexy . But these newe belted styles are hot! I’m dieing to win !

    by Patricia Mosso Reply