For those of you who don’t know, this is my “mum” (as the Aussies would say) and although she’s not Australian, I figured I’d dedicate a post to the mums down under who are still allowed to wear white pants (It’s Spring in Australia now!).

I’m DYING over this leopard ruffled top for $9. It’s part of Miss Tina’s Fall collection so for those on my side of the world, this top can be worn with dark jeans or slacks and a blazer to fit the season. My mom ended up keeping the top because she liked what it did to her body, especially her mid section. The pearls really open up her skin and accessorize the look in an elegant way. Ladies–never underestimate pearls (faux pearls that is!)…they do good things for us!

Model and Photographer: Shideh H. Miller

Shop it Online:
Ruffled Blouse


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  1. Love this look! Wish I could get my Mum to re-discover her inner youth, she would look fabulous in this too! Your mum is gorgeous and a great model for mums everywhere!

    by Myra Reply
  2. You’re mom looks really beautiful and young in this outfit…and very slim! Love it all!

    by Anonymous Reply
  3. Very cute. This is something I could wear.
    Love all your other looks but as a mum myself I can’t always pull them off.

    by Sandi Reply
  4. Oh my dear Margo and Jordan, you are so sweet. The Miller clan misses you guys so much!!! Love you both.

    by shauna Reply