My bestie, JGryff/Jessica, is an animated girl as you can clearly see. She has a great voice and used to do a lot of theater back in the day, in case you didn’t notice it here LOL. I’m not sure if this is the outfit I would necessarily choose for an audition, but she certainly looks like she’s at an audition. The girl who wears this outfit also probably likes laying out in the park, walking her dog, going to coffee shops, and being chummy with everyone in her neighborhood. Do you see the character I see?

The shorts are actually pajama shorts, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw the polka dots. I couldn’t tell, so whatever….I know the mixing of a zebra print and polka dot print may seem risky in some people’s eyes, but if you own the look and can handle the funkiness of the look, then I think it works!

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Zebra Top (similar, but not exact)
Gladiator Sandals

Photo: Shideh H. Miller


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