#AskShauna: How to Dress Your Body- Necklines and Accessories.

We are back for the third installment of the #AskShauna show! This is a weekly segment on my YouTube, where I answer YOUR questions about fashion, beauty, life, etc…nothing is off limits!

Based off of your comments and tweets, I’m sharing more of my tips on dressing for your body type- focusing on necklines and cuts of tops, and what accessories to wear with them! Ever wondered what necklace to wear with the ever so tricky (but absolutely adorable) sweetheart neckline top you have? Hear that answer and more, in this week’s video.



Let me know your thoughts in a comment below! And be sure to tweet me with the hashtag (#AskShauna), and your question may be featured on an upcoming episode!


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  1. Love your decorating items, i.e., shoes! You have classy shelves…love your tips better than all the faddish styles…women of a certain (ahem!) age shouldn’t or wouldn’t wear these clothes..keep up the good work!

    by Margot Reply