Architect Chic? I’m running out of names here people. Hilary’s our resident professional muse. Everything she puts on looks like she just came out of a corporate office. Helps that she’s one of the most career driven women I know…

This shirt by Susie Rose could go two ways: the more put together/professional route or a bohemian look. If you were hypothetically going to Coachella (which for some reason every fashion website/mag assumes you are and is putting looks together for the occasion) you could pair the shirt with cut off jeans, no belt, and voila! You are channeling the vibe at a music festival.

I’ve used these pants a couple times now. Not to repeat myself, but they are very soft, flattering (they’re stretchy), and come in sizes 6-18! I highly recommend checking them out if you’re looking for a comfortable black chino pant.


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  1. I bought this shirt about a month or so ago after being inspired by your site to go on a trip to Wal Mart. I am absolutely OBSESSED with it. It fits so well, is so comfortable, and obviously well-priced. I got in black too, but I wish they would make more prints like this one!

    by Marissa Reply