April is finally here but you wouldn’t know it in New York considering it’s snowing today. #iheartcalifornia

This outfit is an homage to my favorite month of the year and no it’s not just because it’s my birthday. April is about flowers, flowy dresses, fresh air, gentle sunlight, chocolate eggs and of course matzoh (for those who celebrate passover). There’s my poetry for the day. Hope you enjoyed it.

On to the outfit, this is of course a Men’s denim shirt. Emilie is wearing it loosely (instead of with a belt) to give off that easy breezy look. I love this handkerchief. Walmart has tons of them right in different prints, including polka dots, which you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be using in an upcoming look. It’s an elegant and colorful accent to an outfit that would otherwise be very plain.

Shop it Online:
Men’s Denim Shirt (This one is short sleeves)
White Jeans (These are by Jordache but they do the same trick!)

Photos: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. Love the scarf. Gonna stock up on new scarves for spring. Super easy/cute look. I could rock something like this with my 5 month preg belly. Perfect. Thanks!

    by Sarah Reply