You may remember my friend Katherine Schwarzenegger when she modeled for Penny Chic and talked about the launch of her new lifestyle website. Well, the girl is unstoppable! Her second book just hit stores today (and online) and she’s been making the rounds on almost every national and local show around. ¬†You saw her here first…and don’t you forget it! Katherine’s book “I Just Graduated…Now What” offers advice to recent college grads from contributors like Anderson Cooper, John Legend, and Eva Longoria. I’m sure I could have used that 6 years ago…

Katherine is simply amazing, and at 24, she’s managed to build her own brand that is committed to helping twenty-somethings get answers to a time period that’s often confusing. Bravo to this young female entrepreneur!!


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  1. Congrats Katherine! I am actually really excited that Shauna featured you on her blog. It seems like the blogging world can be a little catty and it’s nice to see people support each other in a space where note many choose to do so. It makes me like Penny Chic more.

    by Janelle Reply
  2. Way to go, Katherine! How inspiring to other people your age! We don’t often see this. I wish you every bit of luck! :)

    by Chrissy Reply