Alas, we meet again in 2013!  How was your NYE? I had a great night boogying down with my fam on the beach (follow me on Instagram for more details!). Let’s put it this way, I’m READY to take on this new year. Never been so ready for anything in my life! Like I said before, a lot can happen in a year so set your intentions now and start focusing on them!

Ok…enough of that (for now at least). I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of sequins garb leftover from the holiday craze. Granted, I’m a blogger and have to shop for this stuff, I still accumulated enough to last me until 2033! In your case, where you probably have a couple sparkly accent pieces, you should definitely carry them in with you until the beginning of Spring! Accessories like a clutch, a pair of heels, jewelry, or hair pieces can all be used if you add them onto a more plain, classic outfit so that it doesn’t look too festive. Trust me, if it’s true that this year is a LUCKY one, then the fact that our heels have some sparkle on it can only be an added benefit.



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