Hi Pennies! Sorry for the absence of posts this week. It’s a one woman show at the HQ these days, so I’m tryin’ to hold up the fort and take care of business too!! But I promise I have a good excuse. I taped an AMAZING segment called “$5 Makeovers” on the Meredith Vieira Show that airs Thursday Jan 15th on NBC at 2pm! Scroll down to watch!

meredith vieira diy


meredith show 1

Unfortunately, Emily’s fab button down look got cut last minute because we ran out of time! But we did have time to do a quick tutorial backstage, which you can watch below:


I’m so thankful to all three of my NY-based girlfriends/models (Kandace, Sam, and Emily) for being victim to my DIY tricks on national TV! Let me know in the comments what you think of this segment!


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  1. Hi Shauna

    Love your blog. Long time reader of the blog and your book too. Love Kandace’s look.

    Off topic – I bought a chiffon shirt from Loft that I think works great with jeans for a casual look. I am not sure if it is appropriate to wear with jeans/skirt or formal pants. Can you please suggest? Here is the link to a similar shirt.


    by Jay Reply
    • Wow what a great piece!! J, I think you could wear the shirt with dark jeans and/or formal pants. A skirt could definitely work too depending on how it tucks in at the waist. Something more straight cut (rather than super fitted) would be best as far as a skirt. I love this shirt paired with red too, either a red lip, red pump, maybe a clutch. Also it would look cute with a cropped sweater on top so you can see the bottom of the shirt and collar of the shirt. That’s a really cute look :)

      by smiller Reply
      • Thanks a ton for your suggestions. Definitely going to give it a try! –J

        by Jay
  2. If you ever have a contest for a person to get a makeover. Your show on Monday must have been a repeat from last season.

    by Karen Kenny Reply
    • That’s a great idea Karen! So happy to hear the episode played again!! xo

      by smiller Reply