As most of you know, I went to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York in February and got schooled in the upcoming Fall trends. I thought it would be good to revisit some of those trends considering Fall is now here! I’m a big fan of the polka dot trend as you can probably tell judging by my site. I think polka dots are personally timeless, but I’m glad to see the runway seen finally agrees with me. These polka dots look a little bigger and the material is more of a knitted fabric. I’m down! Are you? I’m also ready for some cobalt blue in my life. When I was in New York, I already saw spots of that cobalt blue prematurely making its way out on scenesters outside of the tents at Lincoln Center. Sometimes that’s where you find what’s REALLY going on trend-wise. If you could go to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, where would you be looking for inspiration?


Photos: Style.com


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  1. Haha ~These are my thoughts exactly! I always wondered why there was months in advance planning involved for each season. But, I guess if you practically factor in the time it takes to produce stuff and get it out in stores, maybe this influences it. Not sure. Anyway, either way, I appreciate it as well. I enjoy looking at high fashion and the tremendous amount of effort and creativity that goes into runway styles. It’s like looking at a Jaguar Roadster. I may not be driving one, but I certainly see its qualities and appreciate when I see one! Sometimes I see designs like what Alexander McQueen (my favorite of the past ) use to make and I’m really blown away by it. So, it’s my belief that anyone can value runway fashion, no matter how they wear their own clothes or budget.

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  2. Whoops. I forgot to comment on today’s post, sorry bout that. I like the idea of bright pants and the cobalt blue. Nice color. I appreciate these looks. I’m not obsessed with what one particular person wears or a follower in that way. But, if I see something I like and I could be comfortable wearing it, then I do. Doesn’t matter to me if it costs less or is pricier.

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  3. I completely agree. I think it’s possible to be inspired by something that’s not necessarily a part of your reality. I can really get into what Mcqueen has (or had) coming down the runway but I don’t own a single garment of his in my closet. It’s Art at the end of the day and it’s meant to inspire you!

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