I dedicate today’s post to this weekend: may it be filled with only good moments….

This Maxi Dress by Norma Kamali makes it to my “top 10 most favorite items ever purchased from Wal-Mart list”. The pin stripe print is no longer being sold online, but there’s gray and charcoal colors to choose from. Both come in plus-sizes as well.

I chose to use the maxi dress as a long skirt because it’s trendy right now and speaks to the versatility of the dress. The maxi dress will pop up again on the blog as an actual dress so don’t worry. Anyone who knows me, knows that I was basically born in a maxi dress, the same way I was born in heels. I live and breathe maxi dresses. As soon as the weather permits, it’s all about (drum roll please…) the maxi dress. Because of my height, they make me look taller. They accentuate my smaller top (although you can’t really see the spaghetti straps here) and slenderize my bottom half.

Photo: Shideh H. Miller


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