Where do I begin with this muse of the day? We’ve been best friends since we were 5. No one makes me laugh more although you’d never be able to tell by looking at her face in this pic. She’s not suicidal, I promise.

We did this shoot amateur style in the back of my uncle’s french pastry shop and cafe, La Provence in Beverly Hills. Emilie had 30 minutes to model for me and we were nowhere near home so I pulled some strings and got us in the kitchen after closing. Seems fitting since you can’t find Emilie, a die hard sweets fanatic, in a photo under the age of 15 without a slice of cake in her hands. Somehow though, that hasn’t changed the fact that she has the nicest stems in the world.

This velvet number called “the boyfriend” (maybe cuz it’s cuddly…i have no clue?!) reminds me of one of those blouses you see in vintage stores but never take a second glance at. Cinching it with a belt gives you a waist and makes for the perfect sexy night out look. And yes, that’s the tag sticking out…I can’t afford to keep all the clothes. This is a blog people, not Vogue.


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  1. i love this! But how do I pull off this look if I’m really tall? Can I put leggings underneath?

    by TallYenta Reply