How could I not dedicate a post to the superbowl? I may have googled who was playing and then proceeded to google images of the jerseys to get the color scheme, but what fashion blog reader is actually going to judge me… (See: Ribbons in my hair). Word on the block is that we’re supposed to be rooting for the underdog which I believe is the Steelers, is that right?

Now back to what I know…fashion. How chic is this wrap dress? It’s online right now in 3 different colors! Reminds me of a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, only if DVF decided to just charge tax for her dresses and not the actual retail price. shoes may just be the chic-est shoes I’ve ever come across at Walmart. I don’t throw the word Manolo around a lot so trust me when I say this sandal could be one.

Photo: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. What a great dress and the sandals are just perfect with that look! I just ordered this in the army color as well. It’ll be perfect for Spring!

    by budget chic Reply