It doesn’t matter whether your reference point for “Step by Step” is the 90s TV Show or the mantra to take things slowly, the outfit on display is perfect for those moments when you’re taking a break to laugh on your stairs, your stoop, or your porch. If only we had time to stop and sit for a second…

If you compare these boots to the famous Ugg boot, the price difference is insane! Jimmy Choo and Ugg did a collection together that features a Leopard Ugg similar to the one shown here, only it retails for $595!! To Jimmy’s credit, the boot is studded, but come on! On to the black jeans…They’re incredibly flattering. It’s like a spanx jean with a tummy control panel inside! God bless. I only found it in jean color on the Walmart site, not black. Puff sleeve shirts are very in right now. And considering $8 is a joke, Buy it.


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