What are y’all doing today? I, for one, slept in more than I had hoped. Starting at 6am, I woke up every hour with the intention of posting this and then I finally succumbed to my sleep and thought, “My pennies (new word to represent you, my readers…what do you think?) will forgive me if I sleep another hour…” I doubt anyone was waking up at 7am on a national holiday just to see what Ms. Penny Chic had in store, but I can’t help my egotistical fantasies…

Alexis, our patriot model of the day, fits the bill as the all-American girl in honor of President’s Day. These denim flats remind me of the bow found on the classic Ferragamo Ballerina Flat. They match perfectly with the 1950s style denim capris. We rolled the cuff up once more so it hit right under the knee. If you don’t have long legs, this length is very flattering! I love the All Gold Watch. Next time you’re at Walmart, go to their costume watch section. Everything is below $10 and there are usually a couple cool men’s watch options, which are great for adding some BLING to your ensemble.

Happy Pres Day!

Photo: Desiree Asher


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  1. you have definitely changed my view on walmart, great tip on the watch. and the entire look here is chic, she looks fabulous! and the “my pennies” is cute!


    by jennifer Reply
  2. hahaha so cute!!! i cant believe how silly i was with the magnifying glass!! turned out cute tho!!!! MWAHHhhhh!!!!!

    by Alexis Reply