All the flowers in these photos, from the real ones in the background to the print on my dress, make me giddy for the Summer. As much as I’m all about floral dresses in the Summertime, I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with the length of this dress. My legs are not my favorite asset, but I’m learning to accept my body for what it is. Sometimes you have to push yourself to get over it and make the best of it…and once you do, it’s quite liberating!

Pumps$29.99 (Target)
3. Assorted Bracelets $4-$9 (Target)

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Shauna Miller (Me!)


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  1. I love the shoes w/this dress – looks so bold and sophisticated however I don’t think the length of the dress is flattering. If it was a bit longer than I think it would look nice but the babydoll length of it makes it look too juvenile. I’d pair it w/some black leggings or tights.

    by Jen from MI Reply
  2. This is super cute, just wondering how I can “mom” it up a bit, lol. I do wish it were just a smidge longer because I have zero confidence for shorter things, but I really like the look. :)

    by Sativa Reply
  3. Lovely dress and gorgeous shoes!! U’re such a sweetie with pretty style!:)

    by Jelena Reply
  4. I already have 4 pairs of fushia shoes but 3 of them are sandals, need a new pair of suede pumps! Cute pattern on the dress! (See you in Florence??)

    by Liana Reply
  5. love the dress! it’s amazing what you can find when you really are looking…



    by Mady Reply
  6. @Jennifer–thanks!

    @Tarin–thank you so much!

    @Jen from MI–fair point. i’m not sure i agree about the tights but i do think if it was a little longer it may have been more flattering. i’m just tryin to embrace it at this point! thx for the suggestion

    @Jelena–that is so kind and generous to say! thx

    @liana–haha would love to go! you’ll be there?

    @Mady–totally true!

    by shauna Reply
  7. I am Brazilian and I went to the US and to Target and did not find great clothes as you do…
    I guess I do not have your eyes, but I am learning from u! Next time I will do better!

    by Luana Reply
  8. This dress looks fabulous! I get what you mean about accepting your body and being comfortable , i am also going through that face but just know that you look awesome in that dress and its sites like yours that give me the confidence to show off my style and be comfortable in my skin :) Thanks !

    by Yadira Reply