Yes it’s true, this outfit costs less than $50 head-to-toe, including the shoes! Doesn’t it look SO much more expensive?

I fell in love with this polka dot tank dress when I was at Target, but still felt it could use an extra bit of spice, which is when the flower pin came in. The outfit is low maintenance, on trend, and extremely affordable, which is the ultimate goal of everything I do! For me, this one’s a home run!

Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller
Model: Shauna Miller (Me!)


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  1. hey I’m new here, I read about your site on beautyriot, and I really really love your style.
    this look is something I would definitely wear, and I think you make it look even better since you are really beautiful.

    by lana Reply
  2. Just bought this dress on Sunday – LOVE it. I also got the one with the aqua flowered skirt and the pink/navy one. Whoops. They are TOO cute!

    by kate Reply
  3. I think it’d look cute with a belt too, instead of a pin, but it looks cute either way! Love those shoes.

    by Ishah Reply
  4. i love the pin flower idea! i always try to use a flower pin in my hair and wanted to switch it and incorporate a flower into my outfits! omg totally gonna use it all summer

    by farnauz Reply