This whole entire outfit–shoes and accessories included–is $45! This is one of those times when even I am shocked at the price of an outfit. These days, it’s hard to find a decent essential oil candle for that price! I only know that because I’ve been looking…any suggestions?

A couple secrets about this outfit:

1. The brand of the sequin skirt is Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez AKA I found it in the Juniors department at Kmart.
2. The tulle under the sequin skirt is from the Girls department. Yes. Girls as in ages 5-10. This is a size large, but it goes up to XL.
3. The ankle boots are from Walmart and they’re on clearance for $9. Pretty insane if you ask me.

Shop it Online:
Sequin Skirt
Lace Camisole
Tulle Skirt
Ankle Boots

Model: Edmicelly Pena
Photo Credit: Shideh H. Miller


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  1. This is SO cute! I was just shopping this week for candles as gifts and bought the these (see links). The moroccan candles are sold separately for $4.99 if you go into the store (went into the stores for all of these things) and are unscented. The Anthropology one is pricier, but is a very large candle and smells amazing…I couldn’t stop sniffing. Anyway, hope this helps! :-)

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. !!! $9!!! I die.

    I like the two skirts together (so clever!) but I’m not digging the fit of the bust on the cami. Just seems a little ill-fitting. This is probably a case where I’d go uber-cheap on everything but splurge on a top with a nicer fit.

    by Emily Reply
  3. I was just wondering what to wear to a friend’s going away party at the bar tomorrow night. This outfit is definitely inspiring me. I absolutely adore the two skirt combination and the accessories are so cute. Merry Christmas Shauna :)

    by Brianna Reply
  4. @Leslie–Thanks for the spelling correction! I wrote the post at like 3am and I think I lost my mind in the process haha

    @Emily–noted. The top was a little big for edmicelly but we decided to use it anyway so i agree with you

    @Anonymous–Thanks for the recs!! You did some amazing research. I love the Anthropologie candle!!

    @Brianna–Check out today’s post. You may like that one too! xo

    by shauna Reply