This is the same scarf that was used as a hair accessory in Contemporary Artist Chic. I couldn’t help myself. I love Missoni way too much to not find a second use for it. You’ve seen a black version of this Kamali motorcycle jacket in American Apparel Ad Chic. The grey one is perfect for daytime, while the black is good for a night out. How chic is that collar?! #popitbaby


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  1. I saw the same knit moto jacket in walmart but it was no boundaries, its really cute and so well made, the knit is pretty thick. only 15 bucks!

    by heather Reply
  2. Love the black jacket – love this one even more than the black I think- you can see the cool detailing more and it looks more comfy…though I’m sure that styling has a lot to do with that one!

    by JGryffindor Reply