Modeled by Kristin Casillas

Shop it Online:
UK Style Sleeveless Blouse $17.99 (Sears)
Route 66 Stripe Skirt $6.99 (Kmart)
Mossimo Straw Wedges $24 (Target)

Modeled by Allie Evans

Shop it Online:
Attention Geo Print Blouse $11.83 (Kmart)
Purple Khaki Shorts $15 (Old Navy)
Melrose Avenue Straw Wedges $19.99 (Sears)

Modeled by Jasmin Booker

Shop it Online:
UK Style Diagonal Stripe Dress $28.99 (Sears) (Similar Item)
Threaded Bangles $4 each (Target)
Bow Flip Flops $6.98 (Walmart)
Hoop Earrings $4.98 (Walmart)

Modeled by Amy Halverson

Shop it Online:
The Webster Flamingo Print Dress $29.99 (Target)
Glo Jaya Strappy Heels $19.99 (Kmart)


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  1. Amazing outfits! I love how you dress everything up with cheap wedges, that makes such a difference!!

    by Evani Reply