For those of you who haven’t been following the blog since day 1, the adorable model today is my friend of 14 years, Chuva. She was one of the first models I used when I started Penny Chic and about a year into my blog, she moved to Sweden. ¬†Whenever she’s back for a visit (like she was for the holidays), I expect a business trip to the HQ! And I made her WORK this time. By the time we were over, Chuva was so disoriented, she left her wallet haha. Thanks for being such a trooper Chuva!

I had so much fun with this outfit. That’s the great part about styling your best friends. You know what looks good on them and you don’t really care what they say! Chuva likes to wear all black but I know loud colors look amazing on her. My favorite thing about this whole post is the last photo. The laugh sums Chuva up in a nutshell. I can almost hear her cackling. What she was giggling about I don’t remember, but it still makes me happy.



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  1. That sweater is great! I love how you mixed patterns and textures in this outfit and gave it another pop of color with the necklace.
    Chuva, I agree with Shauna, you look amazing in colorful outfits : )

    by Kelley Reply