Bonjour Pennies!

This outfit makes me want to dance flamenco during a Summer night in Spain! Maybe next year, huh?

The whole ensemble head-to-toe is actually $35.49, because the dress just got marked down again to $16.97 online! I mean seriously…$35 for this outfit is a total “penny pinch”, as I like to call it. ┬áIf you want to see 2 more “Penny Pinch” outfits ($50 or less), check out my latest article on Fab Fit Fun, Guiliana Rancic’s women’s lifestyle website!

The truth is you could have easily found these clothes and put this outfit together yourself. I found this dress on the clearance rack in the basement of Old Navy. I bought the bangles at Target a couple months ago (they still sell them) and they go with almost everything for the Summer. It’s always good to buy versatile accessories when you find ones you like. The next time a magazine says you should spend $100 or $200 or $300 on a dress, think again. You can spend A LOT less and look just as great and feel good that you did it in a smart way. I hope this outfits inspires you to look around just a little more to find the pieces that both call out to you and don’t break the bank! It’s easy…you just have to open your eyes a little wider and I know you ladies are pros at that!





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