I’ve been majorly crushing on this Alexander Wang strappy sandal that all the celebs have been wearing lately. I’m not paying $500 though, that’s for sure. In doing some research online, I came across a shoe for $34 that looks identical and comes in a bunch of different colors. This is what we call shoe destiny.

What do you think of the strappy sandal trend that’s happening now? Lots of designers are coming out with their own versions like Givenchy and Celine. I like the style because it’s dainty and minimalistic.



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  1. OMG I have been dying over those babies ever since I saw them on some celeb a few months ago. Thank you for posting this!!!!

    by Claire Reply
  2. I really like this shoe style. It looks so sexy and simple with casual or dressy clothes. Great price too.

    by Jen Reply
    • Glad you like it Jen. I agree, it could totally go casual or dressy.

      by smiller Reply
  3. You have to be skinny, or to have skinny feet at least… If not, your feet are going to get hurt pretty bad.

    by Mercy Reply