Flats have taken on a whole new face lately and that includes everything from animal motifs to punky spikes and over-the-top studs. It’s a fun trend and a lot more memorable than your average ballerina flat. That said, these are shoes that you don’t want to spend too much on, because like most trends, they’re fleeting and might get overplayed! And really, how many times can you actually wear a bobcat flat? 

We did the legwork for you so need to go stir crazy trying to find edgy, fun flats at an affordable price. Here are four of our favorite designer flats that we’ve located at various retailers for a LOT less. Which is your favorite?

Bobcat smoking flats, Kmart, $14.99

How to wear it: with ankle pants and a knitted sweater or cardy. Go simple and feminine with the outfit so the shoes can be the talking piece!

Pointed toe flats, Forever21, $19.80

How to wear it: The pointed toe makes for a flattering cut. Go with skinny jeans and a button down top for a fresh, casual take on the shoe.

“Martine” stud flat, Sole Society, $49.95

How to wear it: These are flats you can dress up thanks to the patent leather and studs. Try a faux (or real) leather skirt with a tucked in tee and statement necklace.

Spiked pointy flats, Cosmopolitan (JCPenney), $14.99

How to wear it: To offset the edginess of the spikes, try a tulle skirt or any frilly bottom that will help balance it out.


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  1. I like the first and second pair. And its great that you can find budget friendly versions. Spending over 600$ on shoes is not something I could ever afford to do.

    by Rosely Reply