Bags seem to be the most commonly “knocked off” or inspired by designers. During the week, when I’m searching online for products to use on the site, I screen capture pieces that look VERY familiar from the runway or high fashion magazines and keep them in a folder for future Penny Vs. Pricey posts. Bags are always the best ones so it’s hard to keep the focus of these posts elsewhere! These, however, are all SPRING handbags. So there.

“Takeout” Bag,, $39.95

Green Clutch w/ Removable Strap, Merona (Target), $26.99

White and Black Shoulder Bag, H&M, $29.95

Faux Snakeskin Bag, Sofia by Sofia Vergara (Kmart), $12.74

Which is the best lookalike bag? I would have to vote for the green Target bag or the black and white H&M one. 


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  1. I love the target bag. That green is a really nice pop of color for a neutral outfit!

    by J. Reply
  2. Thanks for the post Shauna! Love the selection. Question for you: how do you stop the chain straps and buckles from getting tarnished? Any tips would be appreciated ;)

    by Lil Reply
    • See Margot’s comment below. I also have used clear nail polish over the metal too! Works great on jewelry too.

      by smiller Reply
  3. I like the Kmart bag. Not because its the closest match, but personally I like it better than its Lanvin inspiration!

    by Leigh Reply
  4. In regard to last comment on cleaning synthetic purses: I have been using soap and water to clean bag, keeping metal parts free of tarnish before it appears. Been doing this since the 1960′s. Also, using a silver polish can help remove tarnish. I do keep bags covered when not in use, I hope this helps.

    by Margot Reply
  5. Love your page, I think you did an excellent job with incorporating both pictures of a designer and non designer bag. It really gives us readers a great insight on what is out there!

    by Justina Reply