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  1. Nice!! I didn’t realize Walmart had so many rompers. I especially like the 2nd and 3rd. Thanks for the comparisons!

    by Anonymous Reply
  2. What wal-mart do you shop in. The one I shop at has garbage, seriously. I order my clothes online from wal-mart and other places but especially the wal-mart clothes because the VA stores just have junk. They do not have any of the outfits you show. Maybe because you are in Cali and in Cali everyone wants to fake it until they make. But here, nothing – seriously.

    by Liz Reply
  3. It’s a $185 plain black romper. With an elastic waist. Elastic. Waist. Like you’re paying $185 and it’s elastic holding it on? When you could get the same thing very cheaply at Walmart and DIY yourself some little metal studs or something, and it would be cute and individual, and just as comfy?

    If you’re really going to spend money on something, I just don’t understand why it would have elastic waists.

    by Liz Reply
  4. I love the black romper, I definitely getting that! I can’t believe YBF is charging $185 for less than a yard and 1/2 of fabric. Booooo!

    by BUDGET CHIC Reply
  5. I love how the black expensive romper is by young fabulous and broke. LMAO If that were truly the case then it wouldn’t cost $185.

    by Jen from MI Reply