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  1. Shauna, are these shoes comfortable? Dont they pinch your toes? I like them but i am hesitant to get them because of this.

    by Lil Reply
    • I only have worn the Walmart metal cap toe heels and they’re pretty comfortable. I haven’t tried the others though. But I’m used to wearing pointy heels so maybe I’m not the best person to ask!

      by smiller Reply
      • maybe i’ll try the walmart one first and then i’ll spring for a more expensive one if i like them. thanks!

        by Lil
  2. The Walmart shoe says it costs 16 dollars on the website. Is it different in the store?

    by auco n Reply
    • Auco–oops you’re right! I think the price was on sale before and then just went up. We’ll change it back. Thanks for letting us know!!

      by smiller Reply
  3. I have searched and searched for the silver sneakers at Kohl’s and other retailers, but with no success. Can you tell me the brand? Or any other info? Thanks!

    by Lori Reply