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Tweed Wool Coat by East 5th (JC Penney) $75
Black Wool Coat by Mystic (Sears) $71.99
Mesh Black Sandal N by Nicole Miller (JC Penney) $14.99
Black Stretch Top by Slimpact (Walmart) $6
Green Pencil Skirt by TOPSHOP $30
Cris Cross Black Sandal by Studio Paolo (JC Penney) $16.99


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  1. I love the look of tops tucked into skirts but do you have any tips on how to do this without creating a lumpy waist? I hate adding the bulk to my waistline but I prefer the look of a streamlined tucked shirt.

    by Emily Reply
  2. Great combos. Love the colour of the pencil skirt. Hey Emily: you can tuck your shirt into your hosiery or underwear. I know it sounds weird, but it always works as long as the waistband is below your skirt band. When my brother was little and we had to go to a dress-up event, he would get his shirt tucked into his underwear so that as he ran around, it wouldn’t come untucked from his dress pants. Works for gals too :)

    by Liana Reply
  3. Hold on- is topshop now included in the lineup or is this just a one time appearance?

    by Anonymous... Reply
  4. @Emily–Try wearing a leotard under which will keep it very flat. Glad you like the look!


    @Lia–Thanks girl. It is a great deal!

    @Annebeth–Thanks, glad you like it!

    @Liana-Good suggestion Liana! You always have great advise!

    @Anonymous–Topshop is only in this line up because the item is so cheap but who knows…maybe it will be soon!

    @Anonymous 2–It’s very classy, I agree.

    by shauna Reply